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Whether a GPS Clock System or Radio Synchronisation, We Will Select the Best Technology for Your Organisation

Radio and GPS synchronisation were major improvements in Central Clock Systems, followed by the development of coded time distribution.

The appearance of wireless DHF systems significantly broadened the possibilities of time distribution. Cabling systems were no longer required, making the implementation of a time distribution system much easier and quicker.

Now NTP/IP time distribution adds yet another option. It takes advantage of IP networks to carry the time message to the devices connected to them: computers, NTP compatible clocks...

In order to help specifiers define the best synchronised Clock System for their projects, we have described some popular applications using the latest technologies.

For a full summary of our Clock & Clock Systems, see our Solutions Overview page.


Looking for the Clock System for your building?

For refurbishment or in an existing building, we recommend our new state-of-the art Wireless Clock System. For a new building, according to your application, a Wired Clock System or a Wireless Clock System would fit your requirements. A Clock System uses a master clock to drive and synchronise the slave clocks, keeping precise and accurate time to all clocks and managing winter/summer changeover automatically.

Several types of Time Distribution* are available:

* Time Distribution: Connection between the master clock and the clocks. 


Looking for the perfect time?

Our Clock System solutions accept both:

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