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Remote Assistance - Bodet Time Management Solutions

Bodet Software provide on-demand remote assistance to our customers

This means you receive fast and highly secure support without having to go through multiple phone calls to diagnose problems. Just connect, receive support, and then continue working almost immediately.

Corrective patch for your KELIO solution to ensure it remains compatible with the new version of Java.

Your KELIO solution uses JAVA. On 21st September 2017, the JAVA platform will be updated to a new version called JAVA 9.

You will need to update your KELIO server before 21st September 2017 using the patch below in order to guarantee that your Kelio solution remains compatible.

Download the KELIO compatibility patch - JAVA 9

We encourage you to do this before 21st September to avoid being blocked from certain areas of your Kelio system.

This quick and easy installation is essential to ensure that you can continue to use your Kelio solution. It needs to be carried out by the “Kelio administrator” in your organisation.

If you have any questions our team of customer service representatives can be contacted via the support portal: bsupport.bodet-software.com


Before using this service please contact our customer support

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