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Time and Attendance Software


Time and Attendance solutions to MEET your organisation's needs

Our range of Time and Attendance Software enables you to select the most appropriate level of Time and Attendance functionality for your organisation.

Kelio One and Kelio Pro provide a comprehensive and effective way to collect and process data in respect of staff attendance, absence, holidays and activities using a range of input devices:

Time and Attendance - Employee Manager

Our Time and Attendance Solution

After five years of research and development and 5 million euros of investment, Bodet Software are proud to present our new range of Time Management Solutions: Kelio One and Kelio Pro. The Kelio Software packages offer an approach focused on both functionality and the users themselves to maximise efficiency in everyday life. Manage your workforce, increase productivity, reduce HR administration and protect your premises, all through the Kelio Time and Attendance Software.

The modular system is centred around Bodet’s tailor made approach to each individual customer. These additional software modules offer full user control to both empower the workforce and support HR; staff can perform tasks and view their individual attendance data, whilst freeing up Human Resources to view only the reports and automated alerts pertinent to their specific needs. All of this with real time information streaming in from Clocking In Machines and Mobile Devices with location logging.

Our Time and Attendance Module Functions

Our range of Time and Attendance Software Modules provide additional functionality to the Time and Attendance Software to meet your specific Time Management requirements. The entirely modular system frees you up to purchase only the specific functions your organisation requires.

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