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Time & Attendance, Access Control, Audio, Lockdown Alert and Clock Systems

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Bodet: European leaders of Time Management Systems

Bodet: European leaders of Time Management Systems

Bodet are dedicated to improving efficiency, communication and safety across your organisation with bespoke solutions designed specifically for your industry sector. Established in 1868, we have already helped over 35,000 customers across the world through our Time & Attendance, Access Control, Audio Alert and Synchronised Clock Systems. We are an all-in-one solutions provider, from design and manufacture to install and support, offering an evolving range of industry-leading software and hardware.

Bodet Software Kelio Clock

Innovative clocking in for your staff

Bodet has revolutionised clocking in with a range of intuitive, flexible tools to collect attendance data and support your workforce, no matter what your organisation's requirements are.


Kelio by Bodet Software for managing working hours

Improve workforce management across your organisation

Modernise your workforce management processes and optimise business performance with the Kelio software package. From staff planning to absence management, our modular solution empowers your employees and reduces HR administration.


Harmonys for your school

Productivity, communication and safety with Harmonys

Combining innovative hardware and flexible scheduling software, Harmonys is a unique 5-in-1 IP/PoE Audio System. Designed to be modular and expandable, it can incorporate lockdown alerts, class change / shift change, synchronised clocks, PA functionality and streaming music.

Harmonys for your schoolHarmonys for your organisation

See how Netsilon can help you

Unrivalled accuracy, security and reliability with networked time synchronisation

Do your business operations rely on the precise and uninterrupted time synchronisation of networked devices? Created as a powerful and dependable solution, Bodet's Netsilon NTP Time Server is the result of all our time synchronisation experience.

See how Netsilon can help you