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Bodet’s Time & Attendance, Lockdown and Synchronised Clock & Bell Systems

Since Bodet was founded in 1868 the company has always been recognised for the quality of its products and services. Today a team of more than 780 dedicated employees ensure Bodet is the undisputed European leader in time measurement and management by providing state of the art Time & Attendance and Synchronised Clock, Bell & Lockdown Systems to over 35,000 customers in more than 40 countries.

TIME & ATTENDANCE Lockdown & Bell Systems

Bodet’s Synchronised Clock, Bell and Lockdown Systems

Ensure your organisation runs on time, communicates live or scheduled events and offers protection by using Bodet’s Synchronised Clock, Bell and Lockdown systems.

Clocks & Clock Systems

Lockdown, Bell & Class Change Systems

Coronavirus and the Shift in Workforce Management

Time & Attendance resources to help you solve workforce challenges caused by Coronavirus.


Our Solutions for Your Organisation

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

Manage your workforce efficiently, increase productivity and reduce HR administration.


Access Control


Control and protect the access to your premises using badge or biometric security solutions.


Synchronised Clock Systems

Synchronised Clock Systems

Ensure time is synchronised with our wired or wireless Clocks and Clock Systems.


Bell, Class Change & Lockdown Alert Systems

Lockdown, Bell &
Class Change Systems

Ensure your organisation communicates effectively with Bodet’s Bell, Class Change and Lockdown Systems.


Customer References

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Kelio by Bodet Software for managing working hours

How to improve my employees’ time management skills

Modernise the way you monitor your employees’ working hours and optimise your company’s performance with the Kelio software package! From scheduling to absence monitoring, facilitate your daily HR management and reduce your employees' workload.


Bodet Software Kelio Clock

Innovative time clocking for your employees

Bodet has revolutionised time clocking with collaborative, shared tools designed to meet your needs.

Discover our range of clocking terminals

Time & Attendance Solutions For Your Sector

Discover solutions to improve productivity and reduce administration.

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Time Solutions For Your Sector

Discover our solutions to synchronise time and improve productivity for your specific organisation.

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