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Employee Engagement and Praise

Employee Engagement with Bodet

The power of ‘thank you’ and the danger of unqualified recognition

When linked to employee engagement, ‘thank you’ is a very powerful phrase. However, used without qualification, sometimes it can do more harm than good.

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Employee Engagement in the UK is still struggling

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Only 10% of UK workers are totally satisfied in their jobs according to new UK survey

A new employee engagement survey shows that there is still much to be done in the UK workplace for employee engagement, revealing a number of shocking statistics. There is hope though, with evidence that employees are actively ready for change and looking for ways to further engage with their wider organisation.

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School Lockdown Alert Video

Lockdown School Alert

Are you unsure about School Lockdowns? Bodet explain the triggers, responses and alert systems

Bodet is proud to announce a new video filmed at the Bett Show 2017, where we explain various aspects of lockdown, including the scope of events which could trigger a lockdown situation and the difference between a full and partial lockdown.

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Bodet at Bett Academies 2017

Bodet at Bett Academies

Bodet will be exhibiting its full range of School Solutions at Bett Academies 2017 in March, including Lockdown, Class Change, Synchronised Clocks & PA Systems.

Bett Academies is a new event, developed as a national centre of excellence, providing information, guidance and inspiration for senior leaders in academies, MATs and schools exploring academisation.

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The Cost of Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Absenteeism, Presenteeism & Workforce Management

Unhealthy employees cost British firms more than one month a year of lost productivity

34,000 workers were recently surveyed across UK industries as part of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW). Findings show that an average of 27.5 days of productive time per employee is being lost each year, as a result of ill-health.

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Worldwide Employee Engagement is getting worse

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Despite 48% of business leaders saying it’s an important priority, there’s been a decline in Employee Engagement

TINYPulse, an employee engagement solutions provider, have released their 2017 Employee Engagement Report, The Broken Bridges of the Workplace.

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Employee Engagement – Communication is Crucial

Employee Engagement with Bodet

How can your company get the most from its Employee Engagement efforts?

Increasing Employee Engagement can boost your productivity and therefore profit, but do managers sometimes overlook a step between engaging their workforce and receiving the financial benefits?

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School Lockdown Alert Methods

School Lockdown Alert News

Government recommendation to avoid using Fire Alarm for Lockdown

How does your school communicate a lockdown situation? Whether it’s a partial lockdown, occurring when an incident is reported in the local community, or a full lockdown arising from an immediate threat to the school, it’s vitally important that your school is ready to communicate the need for lockdown clearly and quickly to all staff and pupils.

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