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Happy New Year from Bodet

Bodet at Christmas

Bodet would like to wish all of its customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It’s been another very successful year for Bodet, with expansion in both customer base and product range across our Time & Attendance Solutions and Clock & Bell Systems.

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Bodet at the Bett Show 2017

Bodet at Bett Show 2017

Bodet will once again be exhibiting its Lockdown Solution, alongside its Synchronised Clock, Class Change & PA Systems at the Bett Show 2017 in January

The Bett Show is the world's leading education technology event celebrated in the UK, focusing on bringing together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential.

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Festive Kelio Visio X7

Kelio Visio X7 Christmas Graphics News

Communication at Christmas

As both Christmas and 2017 are rapidly approaching, why not take the chance to reflect on the year and communicate with your staff? Our Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal offers a number of different communications methods which can be used in a variety of ways.

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New Kelio Visio X7 Applications

Kelio Visio X7 App Survey

Bodet Software grows its range of apps for the Kelio Visio X7 Smart Clocking Terminal

The Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal has been designed as a future-proof workforce management terminal, able to feature an ever expanding range of applications in addition to the existing selection, such as employee self service and internal messaging.

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New Kelio Visio X4 Time & Attendance Terminal

Kelio Visio X4 Terminal

Bodet is proud to announce the release of the newest member of its Kelio Visio terminal range, the Kelio Visio X4.

At Bodet, all our Workforce Management Solutions are designed in-house to fulfil the needs of human resources, and their continued development is customer-driven. With this in mind, the Kelio Visio X4 is the next evolutionary step in our commitment to providing the best hardware and software.

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Coping with the Clock Change

Automatic Clock Change with Bodet

Now that we’re no longer in Daylight Saving Time, did having to change each individual clock in your organisation prove to be a lot of additional work?

If you have multiple clocks spread over many different rooms, or even different buildings, mounted on hard-to-reach walls, this seemingly simple task can take up a lot of time. And it needs to be repeated twice a year.

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Bodet at the Manufacturing Management Show 2016

Bodet at the Manufacturing Management Show 2016

Bodet will be exhibiting its Time and Attendance Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector at the upcoming Manufacturing Management Show 2016

The Manufacturing Management Show combines an exhibition, a keynote conference and hands on workshops into the UK’s first dedicated manufacturing management event.

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Autumn Automatic Clock Change

Automatic Clock Change with Bodet

As Daylight Saving Time rapidly draws to a close, remember that Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems will remove the stress and workload from the task of moving clocks an hour back with an automatic Summer / Winter changeover.

This year, clocks go back one hour on Sunday 30th October at 2am, going back to 1am.

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Bodet at the Care & Dementia Show 2016

Care Show 150 website logo

Bodet will be exhibiting its Workforce Management Solutions for Care Homes at the upcoming Care & Dementia Show 2016

The Care & Dementia Show is designed to provide education, products and networking opportunities for organisations responsible for the care of older people, bringing inspiration, innovation and ideas to assist in their running.

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Bodet at NASBM 2016

Bodet at NASBM 20016

Bodet will be exhibiting its Synchronised Clock, Class Change and PA Systems at the upcoming NASBM 2016 National Conference & Exhibition.

The NASBM (National Association of School Business Managers) National Conference is a two day event attracting 300 delegates representing primary and secondary schools, special schools and academies.

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