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Access Control Readers

Access Control Readers - Access Control

Badge and Biometric Security To Quickly & Efficiently Identify Employees and Visitors

Choose from Access Control Readers including Biometric Security and Badge Readers

Access Control Readers enable a single identification for each employee or visitor in a quick and efficient way. Badge and Biometric Access Control equipment can be used for inside or outside application.

Bodet specialise in providing the right Access Control Readers for the needs of your organisation, with options such as Biometric Access Control including fingerprint security. All provide a simple method to secure your premises and increase security for your staff.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements, whether you’re looking at Proximity Readers or Biometric Security.

Access Control Badge Reader

Badge Reader key points

  • Audible and visual indicator for clocking acceptance / rejection.
  • Push button for free access mode for a chosen way or period of time.

Access Control Reader types

  • Proximity (cards, keyfobs or stickers).
  • Magnetic (cards).
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Bodet's Access Control Readers are compatible with HID, MIFARE, STID and LEGIC standard.

Access Control Readers are just one part of Bodet’s complete Access Control Solution. Bodet also offer Access Control Software and Visitor Management.

Access Control Systems - Access Control


Kar Badge Reader - Access Control I Class Badge Reader - Access Control Mifare Badge Reader - Access Control
  • RS 485 connection to a Reader Interface
  • Integrated push button
  • Types of access control readers:
    125 kHz (STID or HID) proximity / magnetic
  • Option: vandal-proof version
  • Wiegand connection
  • Types of access control reader: CSN I-Class
  • Wiegand connection
  • Type of access control reader: Mifare 13,56 Mhz
Remote control
Keypad Badge Reader - Access Control
Hands-Free Badge Reader - Access Control
Remote Control Badge Reader - Access Control
  • Wiegand connection to a protocol converter
  • Type of access control readers: 
  • 125 kHz (STID or HID) proximity / Mifare 
  • Wiegand connection to a protocol converter
  • Access control reader range: 20cm / 50cm
  • Types of access control reader:
    125 kHz (STID or HID) proximity
  • Wiegand connection to a protocol converter
  • 4 or 2 keys remote control + 125 kHz HID tag
  • Access control reader distance: up to 50m according to make the installation

Access Control - Biometric Security

Biometric Access via Fingerprint Security - Access ControlSecure your premises using biometric security with fingerprint or hand geometry access.

Biometric Access Control key points

  • Real time communication between the Access Control System and the Biometric Access Control Terminal.
  • Eliminates Buddy clocking in.
  • Biometric Access Control Terminals are available in indoor or outdoor versions.


Fingerprint entry biometric access reader
Hand geometry biometric access reader
Fingerprint Entry Biometric Access Reader - Access Control

Hand Geometry Terminal - Access Control

  • Biometric access control (Fingerprint entry) and/or proximity access control (Badge or Keyfob)
  • Types of biometric access control readers: 125 kHz (STID or HID) proximity / Mifare
  • Fingerprint access control may be saved to the Mifare badge
  • The fingerprint security reader is available in indoor or outdoor versions
  • Ethernet or RS 485 connection to a concentrator
  • Eliminates the need for cards entirely
  • Eliminates Buddy clocking in
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection
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