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Centralised access control system

Centralised Access Control Software

Kelio Security: access control solutions to keep your premises secure

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Kelio Security is an Access Control System suited to the needs of businesses and public organisations, providing security for premises and staff alike. Bodet's Access Control System enables to organise, control and secure access to your premises.

Main functional features of Kelio Security access control system

  • Access Control by security level with 3D graphical supervision view.
  • Real time zone population counters.
  • Management of individuals by authorisation profile.
  • Monitoring of events by filters.
  • Door lock management and intruder alarm system.
  • Anti pass-back management (Clocking in/Clocking out or Time-delayed).
  • Management of a barred list (by individual or badge number).
  • Printout list of those present in the event of a fire alarm (FES).

The benefits of Bodet’s Access Control System

  • Kelio Security is a straightforward and effective Access Control Solution. The software can be accessed using a web browser from any client workstation.
  • When combined with our Time and Attendance Software, the access rights are directly inherited from work and absence schedules.
  • A “super-pass” badge may be used as a “key” for real time modification to the security level of an access point.


An access control system based on new technologies

Bodet's Access Control System uses the latest computer technology – it is full web, multi-browser and multi-database.

Kelio Security Access Control Solutions also use Bodet’s new access control hardware architecture to manage systems comprising of many access control readers while ensuring rapid response times and a high level of operational security even in the event of a problem on the network.

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