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Synchronised Class Change & PA Systems

Synchronised Class Change System - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems

enhancing punctuality and improving safety and communication in your school

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Our Synchronised Clock, Lockdown Alert, PA and Class Change Systems are used in thousands of schools across Europe

Offering an innovative and fun approach to ensure your school runs on time and communicates effectively, Bodet's solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Class change alerts are automatic and synchronised.
  • Different zones can be created, each having specific alert times, melodies or recorded announcements.
  • Personalised announcements are created for special events (wet break, evacuation and lockdown).
  • Messages can be announced via microphone either over the whole site or to specific zones, or use our Harmonys Talk smartphone app.
  • Class Change alerts can be cancelled automatically during school holidays.
  • Music can be streamed.
  • Ability to link synchronised clocks.
  • Utility services such as heating and lighting can be controlled. 

Bodet can offer you two types of Bell System. Our Harmonys Bell System range runs across your IT network using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the system and enables users to broadcast live messages. It offers a unique customisable lockdown or panic alarm alert, differentiated from other broadcast alerts such as evacuations, fire alarms or daily events.

These alerts can be triggered via a range of methods, such as wired multi-button control panel, wireless remote control, GSM signal or Harmonys Notify PC and smartphone app. This allows clear communication, improving the safety of both pupils and staff. We also supply connection to an induction loop with Harmonys Line, and Harmonys Flash units which show a visual alert indicator, ideal for the hard of hearing or for use in loud environments.

Our Melodys Bell System range is a wireless solution which means no cabling across equipment.


Features of our Harmonys IP/POE PA and Class Change System

  • IP based system powered over the Ethernet (POE).
  • Lockdown or panic alarm alert capability with wired and mobile trigger methods.
  • Broadcasts live messages via a microphone, or record and broadcast announcements from our Harmonys Talk mobile app.
  • Able to zone the premises.
  • 18 pre-installed bells sounds and stores up to 30 MP3s.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted sounders.
  • Able to synchronise with clocks.
  • Precise timing.

Features of our Melodys Wireless DHF Class Change System

  • Create schedules for specific areas of your premises.
  • Choice of preloaded or customisable recordings.
  • Able to control other systems such as lighting and heating.
  • Precise timing.
  • Able to synchronise with clocks.
  • Wall, ceiling and external sounders.

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Case studies

Djanogly Academy, St Francis Primary School and Blossom House School enhance punctuality and increase learning time in their school using Bodet's School Bell System:

logo-djanogly-academy "Class changes are smooth and efficient and the corridors are empty by the time the music stops. The sense of urgency it instils has dramatically improved punctuality and avoids staff/student confrontation in the corridors, which has resulted in much better behaviour throughout the school."
James Amps, Director of Operations
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logo-st-francis-school "The zoning facility is a real benefit to us. It means that we can make general announcements to the whole school, or we can send specific melodies or announcements just to the KS1 or the KS2 pupils. Each of the children and staff in the groups recognise their own sounds, so they know it applies to them, and it works very well."
Gabby Clark, School Business Manager
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Blossom House School - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems "We looked at several class change systems but decided that the versatility of Bodet Harmonys system means we can choose from a range of melodies or use the microphone to record our own announcements."
James Stavert, Director of Operations


Customer References

Caterham School - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems University College of London - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems University of Hertfordshire - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems St. George's Academy - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
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