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Lockdown Alert System

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Secure school pupils and organisation staff with Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System

Using a fire bell to announce class change or factory shifts, as well as other emergency situations such as evacuation and lockdown, can lead to confusion. It also goes against government recommendations for lockdown procedures. In the event of a possible violent intruder on the premises, the last thing any organisation wants is people streaming out of buildings and gathering outside at assembly points.

To solve this issue, Bodet have created a Dynamic Lockdown Solution which broadcasts a unique alert. A combination of trigger methods such as wired multi-button control panel, wireless remote control, GSM signal or mobile/PC application can broadcast emergency alerts, such as lockdown, evacuation and panic alarm. As well as routine announcements such as lesson bells and shift change, in the event of an emergency this enables specific alarms to be broadcast across the entire site. That way, everyone knows what is happening and what action to take.

Methods for triggering lockdown include:

  • Multi-button Control Panel connected to your IT network which can broadcast a school-wide lockdown emergency alert on button press.
  • Wireless Remote Control, with up to 1km range from receiver connected to master clock (subject to interference), and acknowledgement of receipt upon press.
  • GSM Control Box, with options to trigger alert by phonecall, and also receive SMS messages to registered numbers upon triggering.
  • Harmonys Notify, an app for smartphones and PCs which acts as a virtual control box to broadcast emergency alerts remotely (smartphones need to be on same VLAN as Harmonys System).

Events which could trigger a full or partial lockdown:

  • Incident or disturbance in the local community.
  • Intruder on site or in the vicinity with potential to pose a risk.
  • Warning of air pollution or chemical spill.
  • Major fire in the vicinity.
  • Dangerous animal roaming loose.
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School Lockdown Alert System

A growing number of schools in the UK have been exposed to major incidents or threats of violence on their premises. As this trend sadly looks like continuing, every school has to take precautions, especially since pupils become their sole responsibility once on school grounds. Due to the random nature of these events, there is little that can be done to prevent them. However, by having clear and effective communication systems installed alongside robust lockdown and evacuation procedures, schools can be certain they are doing all they can to ensure the safety of staff and students.

If you would like to see how a Lockdown Alert System can form part of your Lockdown procedures, this lockdown video on the BBC website demonstrates the Bodet system installed at Reinwood Junior School. The filmed lockdown drill begins with a distinct lockdown alert being broadcast across the school, prompting pupils and staff to take immediate action.


Organisation Lockdown Alert System

It’s becoming increasingly important for all organisations to have a robust Organisation Lockdown Alert System in place should an event occur which requires your premises to go into lockdown. This type of system is applicable to any type of organisation, including medical and healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, offices and any public building. Bodet’s Dynamic Lockdown Alert System ensures that an emergency message can be broadcast over multiple floors and even multiple buildings simultaneously, so people across your whole premises are able to react instantly.

Benefits of Bodet’s Lockdown Solution

  • Broadcast a unique lockdown alert, separate to fire alarm, class change, shift change and other emergency situations.
  • Choice of lockdown alert triggering methods (wired or remote) which can be combined depending on your organisation’s exact requirements.
  • Bodet’s Lockdown Alert Solution can be part of Harmonys, a 5-in-1 Bell System which also includes Class Change / Shift Change, Synchronised Clock, PA and music streaming functionality (such as radio stations).

For full details of our Harmonys Bell System, please see our Class Change and Industrial Bell Systems webpages. Our experienced sales team will be able to devise a lockdown solution tailored to the specific requirements of your school or organisation. To arrange this, or for more information, please contact us.

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