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Wired Clock System

A master clock drives and synchronises the slave clocks by cable, and keeps precise and accurate time on all clocks

Bodet’s Wired Clock System allows you to synchronise all cabled clocks by using a signal sent from a master clock.

There are two different time distribution types which can be used with a Wired Clock System.

Impulse Time Distribution

Wired Clock System - Clocks and Clock SystemsThis technology is suitable for small installations where there are a limited number of slave clocks, and a limited wiring distance.

With Impulse Time Distribution, a signal is sent through polarised impulses every minute, half minute or second.

This provides a cost effective solution for small Clock Systems with analogue clocks.


Coded Time Distribution

This type of distribution is mainly used in large installations (such as Airports and Railways) where there are long distances between the slave clocks.

The AFNOR / IRIG B (Time Code) signal provides an accurate and secured time transmission.

This provides a digital signal from the Master Clock. AFNOR / IRIG B is suited to large installations including digital clocks in new buildings.

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