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Coronavirus and the Shift In Workforce Management

Time & Attendance Resources to Help You Solve Workforce Challenges Caused by Coronavirus

As some staff return to physical places of work whilst others are still working from home, it’s possible your workforce is split over different locations. You might also be utilising shifts to reduce staff numbers in one location and maintain social distancing, or discussing whether flexible working is the future for your organisation. We have collated the following resources which may be useful in helping you maintain workforce visibility and reduce HR administration through the challenges this situation presents.

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Bodet Time & Attendance Solutions to manage an evolving workforce

Due to Coronavirus, the nature of your workforce is changing. With the right solutions, you can manage staff wherever they are located, create shifts and offer flexible working, all without increased HR administration or a loss of workforce visibility.

These Bodet products will assist you with this:

Historic attendance reports - Coronavirus

Historic attendance reports if your staff members contract coronavirus

Should one of your staff test positive for coronavirus, you will need to quickly and accurately identify when they worked, and which other members of staff they may have come into contact with. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Systems allow you to produce historic attendance data for this purpose, based on declared clocking times. Protect your staff by ensuring you can immediately inform those affected, so they can follow government advice.

Our Visitor Management System allows you to produce the same historic attendance reports for visitors to your premises as they sign in electronically.

Body Temperature Scanner

Body Temperature Scanner and Kelio Access Control

Temperature scanning is a very useful screening tool for coronavirus, as fever is the most common initial symptom, according to current medical advice. The Bodet SmartXcan terminal is a safe, intuitive and rapid method of providing staff body temperature measurements, using a contactless scan of multiple points across the eyes and forehead. Through connection to our Kelio Access Control System, you can also restrict workplace access to those within safe temperature ranges.

flexible working

Workforce Management articles

Below are several articles which discuss managing a fragmented workforce, the benefits of working at home and flexible working in general:

Broadcast Coronavirus Safety Information

Broadcast coronavirus safety information to your staff

As staff return to work during the coronavirus outbreak, there will be important safety information you need to communicate to your employees. However, since workers will be returning to a familiar environment, there is a danger this information could be forgotten without frequent reminders.

In addition to Time & Attendance Systems, Bodet also offer Industrial Bell Systems. As well as regulating shifts and breaks, Bodet's Harmonys System provides the opportunity to communicate critical information to your staff throughout the day, either using live or pre-recorded announcements. These can be automatically scheduled, and broadcast across your whole premises or to customisable zones.

Example Coronavirus safety announcements include:

Bodet’s Industrial Bell Systems

coronavirus safety information

Display coronavirus safety information on Clocking In Terminals

Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal can be used as a communication touchpoint with your staff, making it a vital tool in distributing information about new coronavirus safety measures. Not only can it display reminders such as maintaining social distancing directly on the terminal screen, the staff survey function can be used to ask workers to return home and contact your HR department if they report they have symptoms.


Online Demonstrations for Bodet's Solutions

Due to prioritising the health and safety of our staff, and current and prospective customers, we are currently only offering online demonstrations instead of onsite visits. Bodet have years of experience delivering online demonstrations to those for whom it is more convenient. We can show you how our solution is tailored for the specific needs of your organisation, and the benefits to both management and staff.

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Bodet Group

The Bodet Group - By Your Side

Read this article to see the numerous services Bodet is still providing during this period.

Bodet terminals

Advice to customers using Bodet terminals

Please see this document which provides instructions on how to clean your terminal during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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