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Bodet in the Independent newspaper

Bodet clocks appeared in the Irish and English Independent newspapers

Bodet in the IndependentFollowing the recent winter / summer changeover Bodet's clocks are shown in full colour on the Independent's homepage in the World News in Pictures Gallery (picture 28 in the middle of the homepage). The following description can be found : "An employee of the Bodet Company carries a clock at the plant of Trementines, France". See more.

The Irish Indepent has also made an article using this picture on the "Five benefits to the clock going forward". See more.

Bodet's clocks and clock systems have the capacity to spring forward automatically.

Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle uses Bodet's system

Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle ensures classes run on time using Bodet's clock and class change system

Lycee Francais Charles de GaulleLycee Francais Charles de Gaulle is a French school, based in London. Founded in 1915, it provides classes for students aged 3-18 in French & English. This prestigious institution has been using Bodet's clock and class change system since 2005.


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Hampton Vale Primary School choose Bodet

Hampton Vale Primary School enhances punctuality using Bodet’s Class Change System.

Hampton Vale Primary SchoolMartin Redman, Site Manager at Hampton Vale Primary School explains the reasons why they decided to use Bodet’s Class Change System.

 Hampton Vale Primary School used to use a fire alarm as a class change system. Martin explained this was quite a limited solution because “the class change bell rang for too long and was easily mistaken for a fire alarm. Real fire alarms could also be mistaken for a class change”.

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Kimbolton School uses Bodet's Class Change System

Bodet’s class change system is increasing learning time and enhancing punctuality at Kimbolton School.

Kimbolton School uses Bodet's class change systemKimbolton School is a prestigious institution which aims to prepare children for lifelong learning through enthusiasm, commitment and self-discipline. Simon Richardson, Facilities Manager at Kimbolton School, explained the reasons why a class change system was important to help with the smooth running of the school:


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Clocks and Clock Systems for maternity department

Poole Hospital uses Bodet's Clock System to synchronise time throughout its maternity department

Poole maternity hospitalClocks and clock systems for maternity departmentHelen Williams, Deputy Head of Midwifery at Poole Hospital, explains her experience of working with Bodet to provide accurate and synchronised time across the maternity department.

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Bodet's Time and Attendance systems for manufacturing

Bampton Packaging uses Bodet's system to control the time and attendance of its employees

Bampton Packaging is using Bodet's Time and Attendance systemBampton Packaging was founded in 1926 in Nottingham. It designs and produces packaging solutions for companies both in the UK and abroad. Today the company employes 70 staff. Steve Fountain, Production Manager at Bampton Packaging, explains his experience of working with Bodet to control the time and attendance of its staff.


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Partnership between KABA and Bodet

Bodet and KABA enter into a partnership agreement in the field of time and attendance

KABABodet, Europe’s leading publisher and integrator of software solutions for time and attendance management, and Kaba, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of time and attendance management terminals, are combining their expertise to establish a European partnership.

“We created this partnership agreement because we have a mutual desire to grow our respective business activities in Europe. The goal of both companies is to co-operate in the long term through a win-win partnership. Kaba solutions are renowned for their quality and are integrated with the major ERPs on the market,” says Philippe Barjhoux, Kaba’s Alliance Manager.

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Timebox Time Recording Solution

Cheap, simple and easy to use time recording system to manage the time and attendance of your employees

Timebox time recording system enables to manage the time and attendance of up to 100 employees. This time management solution has been created in order to provide the opportunity for small businesses to easily deal with the time and attendance of their employees.

If you would like to know more, please have a look at the webpage for Bodet's Timebox time recording software or contact Bodet on 01442 418800.


Bodet's Time and Attendance Systems for Care Homes

Saxlingham Hall Nursing Home manages its Time and Attendance using Bodet's system

Saxlingham Hall Nursing HomeSaxlingham Nursing Home’s commitment to providing high standards of care and accommodation has led them to use Bodet’s Time and Attendance system to ensure care is always available when it is needed.

Theresa Parfitt, Manager at Saxlingham Nursing Home has been using Bodet’s Time and Attendance system for over 10 years to manage its entire workforce of 125 employees:

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