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Time & Attendance Systems & GDPR Compliance

Time & Attendance and GDPR

Bodet will help you with your GDPR responsibilities relating to personal data within a Time & Attendance Solution

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force for all European citizens, and has huge implications for the way that all organisations manage personal data. Since Time & Attendance Systems contain data pertaining to your employees (and sometimes visitors), it is critical that you consider these new regulations in their operation and maintenance, whether you have an existing system or are considering one.

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Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance System

Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance System

Getting rid of paper timesheets will reduce administration and assist your employees

Paper timesheets and holiday request forms are still used in many companies today. Maybe some organisations think they just don’t have the time to consider a new system, or have used these legacy procedures for so long, they haven’t even considered changing. Either way, there has never been a better time to switch to using a Time & Attendance System to calculate working hours and annual leave.

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Five generations ensures a timely future for Bodet – Bodet Press Release

Bodet Factory 150th Birthday

As Bodet celebrates its 150th Birthday this year, we speak to Sylvain Bodet to discover the secret to its success with Time Management Systems

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Bodet. What began in 1868 as a company in Cholet, France making clock tower bells has now expanded into a thriving International business providing a range of time solutions including Time & Attendance, Lockdown Alert, Class Change and Synchronised Clocks.

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Kellogg’s Promotes Flexible Working To Their Staff

Time & Attendance and Flexible Working

Food manufacturer allows staff to finish work early on Fridays to create better work-life balance and increase productivity

Kellogg’s 420 staff at their head office in Salford are being offered the chance to finish work at noon every Friday, under their ‘summer hours scheme’.

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Schools Looking to Switch Exam Clocks from Analogue to Digital Clocks

Schools Switch To Digital Clocks

Feedback from teachers suggests that secondary school pupils cannot read analogue clocks, leading to many schools now using digital clocks

Teachers have highlighted that a large proportion of students in GCSE and A-Level examinations are unable to read the time from analogue clocks, having become so familiar with reading it in a digital format.

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Mobile Clocking In: Time & Attendance On The Move

Mobile Clocking In Time Attendance On The Move

With the modern workplace evolving at an ever-increasing rate, remote working need not spell the end of time management, merely the beginning

As the job market shifts, it’s becoming increasingly important for employers to offer flexible working as a perk both in terms of retaining existing staff, and attracting skilled new employees. This is without considering industries where many employees, such as sales and support staff, are already working remotely every day.

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Flexible Working Could Prevent Early Death

Flexible Working Systems To Prevent Early Death

New scientific study suggests letting 'night owl' workers offset their working day prevents them from dying early

A joint study by the University of Surrey and Northwestern University in Chicago has discovered that 'night owls' have a greater risk of dying sooner due to working inflexible traditional working hours than 'early birds'.

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Bodet at the HEFMA Leadership Forum & Exhibition 2018

Healthcare Clock Systems at HEFMA

Bodet will be exhibiting its Synchronised Clock Systems for Healthcare at the HEFMA Leadership Forum 2018

The HEFMA (Health Estates and Facilities Management Association) Leadership Forum is a chance for estates and facilities professionals to learn more about the industry’s latest services and product innovations, as well as offering networking and development opportunities.

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