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Bodet Time & Attendance Solutions at the Care Show 2019

Care Show 2019 with Bodet

Our latest Workforce Management Solutions for the Care Sector will be on display at the upcoming Care Show 2019 in October

The largest and busiest care event, the Care Show, returns again later this year with an expected audience of 3,800 people. The event brings new products, services, inspiration and innovation to those running a care business to support them and help improve the lives of those in care.

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NTP Time Servers - How to Maintain Accuracy and Security

Bodet Time Servers

Local Time Servers versus Public Time Servers for Time Synchronisation

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a network protocol used to synchronise time across devices on a network. A network using NTP relies on a time server to distribute a time signal, which is itself received from an accurate source, such as a GPS satellite. This time server can take the form of either a local time server or a public time server, but public time servers are flawed in a number of areas.

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School PA System - Increase Communication Across Your Whole School Premises

School PA System

Gain the ability to broadcast to all your pupils and staff, or just specific areas, at the touch of a button

School premises are becoming bigger than ever, with multiple buildings and expansive grounds. With many having over 1,000 students and more than 100 teachers on site, effective communication can often be a problem, especially when important announcements need to be distributed quickly.

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Organisational Lockdown: Lockdown Solutions for Organisations Article

Organisational Lockdown Alert System

Bodet is pleased to announce a new article providing information on Lockdown for public organisations and private companies

All organisations are responsible for the safety of their staff and visitors. Recent events mean that it is necessary to consider having a lockdown procedure in place should an incident occur which requires such a response.

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Workforce Management News: European Court Ruling Requires All EU Employers To Track Staff Working Hours

Track Staff Hours with Bodet Time & Attendance Systems

New ECJ ruling means all EU companies must have an “objective, reliable and accessible” method to track time and attendance of workers

Following legal action taken by Spanish labour unions against the local subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the EU working time directive requires all European employers to accurately record the hours worked by their staff.

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Bodet at the Healthcare Building Forum 2019

Healthcare Building Forum News

Bodet will be discussing how our Synchronised Clock Systems improve accuracy and efficiency with healthcare estates professionals

The Healthcare Building Forum showcases the latest innovations, products and services across healthcare estates. It features seminars, networking opportunities and the chance to meet new suppliers and manufacturers to see how challenges in the industry are being met.

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Workforce Management News: New UK Report Highlights Hidden Threats to Staff Wellness

New UK Report Highlights Hidden Threats to Staff Wellness

Latest CIPD Survey Results Show Lowest Ever Absence Levels, but Presenteeism and Leavism Rising Unchecked

The Health and Well-Being at Work 2019 Report from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) shows that although traditional absenteeism is in decline, workforce issues still exist through less visible problems such as presenteeism and leavism, indicating a workforce still not reaching its potential.

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