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Bodet’s Synchronised Bell Systems at Christmas

Christmas with Harmonys Bell System

Bodet helps with seasonal schedules and broadcasts at this time of year, making your life easier and enhancing the festive mood

With Christmas coming up in less than a month, it’s traditionally a time when many organisations change how they operate. Whether this is by accommodating different working hours, or making a few concessions to the festive season, our Synchronised Bell Systems are perfectly positioned to provide assistance.

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Absence Management Solutions help you fulfil legal responsibilities to your group risk insurer

Absence Management and Time & Attendance for full absence reporting

Aon, leading professional services firm, report that companies may not be accurately recording sickness absence

An increasing number of companies in the UK have group risk insurance policies, to financially protect employees and their families through situations such as death, illness or disability. However, by taking out such policies, organisations have responsibilities to record sickness absence data.

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Flexible Working Benefits of Cloud Time & Attendance Solutions

Flexible Working Benefits of Cloud Time & Attendance Systems

In addition to assisting HR, our SaaS Time & Attendance Solutions support remote working by providing access through any internet enabled device

Bodet’s Time & Attendance Systems allow you to offer various types of flexible working, such as remote working, without any additional strain on HR administration or loss of workforce visibility. For remote working to be viable however, staff must have access to all the software and services they require whenever they are out of the office.

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Bodet at the Bett Show 2019

Bodet at Bett Show 2019

Bodet will be exhibiting its Lockdown Alert Solution for Schools, alongside Synchronised Clock, Class Change & PA Systems at the Bett Show 2019 in January

The Bett Show is the world's leading education technology event, bringing together over 34,000 attendees from across the globe to inspire, celebrate and discuss the future of education, and the role technology and innovation plays in it.

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Increasing Staff Buy-In with a Time & Attendance System

Staff Buy In for Time and Attendance Systems

Our new guide highlights the staff benefits of our Time & Attendance Solutions, ensuring you use them to their full potential

The core functions of a Time & Attendance System, such as increasing workforce visibility and increasing productivity, are so valuable that they often make such a system a necessity rather than an option. These huge benefits however, along with enabling a focus on strategic rather than transactional HR, can often be seen as assisting managerial and HR departments rather than staff directly.

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Automatic Autumn Clock Changeover

Automatic Clock Change with Bodet

As the clock change approaches, remember that Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems can automate this task for you, eliminating the workload and maintenance costs of having to change the time manually on each individual clock

Clocks will go back one hour at 2am on 28th October this year, signalling the end of Daylight Saving Time.

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Is Remote Working The Way Of The Future? - Bodet Article

Bodet Remote Working Article

Bodet have produced a new article discussing the factors involved when considering remote working

Remote working is a powerful staff benefit, improving the work-life balance whilst boosting productivity. However, there are many factors to consider before adopting it. This new article discusses these in detail, allowing an easy transition to remote working for both your workers and HR department.

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