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Case Studies

Bampton packaging - Bodet Time Management Solutions “Bodet’s solution aligned with all our requirements. These include the ability to control absences and provide an overview of clocking times at the touch of a button. It’s also very helpful to view booked holiday so we can plan effectively. In addition, we really like the fact that all our HR information is stored in one place.” Steve Fountain, Production Manager. case study button
blossom house school - Bodet Time Management Solutions "We looked at several class change systems but decided that the versatility of Bodet Harmonys system means we can choose from a range of melodies or use the microphone to record our own announcements." James Stavert, Director of Operations. temoignage-pdf
Crocus Logo “The software generates real time staff attendance data which can be compared with the daily rotas. Managers are then immediately alerted to any discrepancies and can arrange additional cover if required. There is an extra benefit as staff can use the terminals to request holidays or time off." Danola Martin, HR Manager Time and Attendance - Case Study
Poole maternity hospital - Bodet Time Management Solutions

"The system has led to much more accurate record keeping because all of the clocks are synchronised. The digital clocks also make it very easy to see the time. We will be expanding the system to our new birthing centre in the new year.” Helen Williams, Deputy Head of Midwifery at Poole Hospital.

Kimbolton school - Bodet Time Management Solutions "It is simple to broadcast the right announcement such as wet break and emergency announcements via the class change system. The system is easy to use and we are very happy with it. We highly recommend Bodet.” Simon Richard, Facilities Manager. temoignage-pdf
McCarthy - Bodet Time Management Solutions “All of the promises that we were given about the Bodet Time and Attendance solution have been fulfilled. Kelio Time and Attendance system is intuitive and well designed." Wendy Moss, HR Manager. case study button



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