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Bodet sport, the european leader of sports scoreboards


Electronic LED scoreboards for all indoor and outdoor sports

Bodet Sport has been the European leader in sports scoreboards for more than 50 years. Our scoreboards have been recognized for their quality and reliability: high-luminosity, resistance to shocks from the ball (DIN norm), compliance with sports regulations.

Thanks to our wide range of scoreboards, we can meet the different levels of competition required by sports clubs, institutions and schools. Find out more about our range of indoor and outdoor scoreboards.

  • Wide range of indoor and outdoor multisport scoreboards: football, handball, rugby, basketball, etc.
  • High-brightness electronic LED scoreboard & clock timing.
  • All game levels: amateur & professional sporting clubs, schools.
  • Multisport Scoreboard for all facilities: sport hall, arena, stadium.
indoor scoreboard Bodet
Outdoor electronic scoreboards Bodet

Scorepad Keyboard: Touch Screen revolution

scorepad touch screen keyboardScorepad is a touch screen keyboard to easily manage all our indoor and outdoor scoreboards as well as our LED video solutions. Find out more about Scorepad.

  • Touch Screen.
  • Applications for all sports.
  • Ultra customizable.
  • Extensive connectivity: USB, HDMI, Ethernet.
  • Multiple display formats: scoreboards, LED video display, LCD TV.


Why choose Bodet Sport ?

  • Quality: Bodet is recognized for its know-how and is certified ISO 9001.
  • Innovation: heart of our strategy.
  • International: 5 subsidiaries in Europe, 300 distributors across the world.
  • Technical support: Our experts are available to handle all your requests.

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