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Improve Punctuality with Bodet's Fingerprint Biometric System and Handscan Scanners

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Biometric clocking is the most reliable method to collect employees working hours, as it rules out the possibility of buddy punching. The key advantages of Bodet's Biometric Clocking In System / Fingerprint Reader are: 

  • Removing the need and expense of issuing clocking in cards or fobs to be used with your Time and Attendance Management system.
  • Removing the possibility of employees clocking in for their colleagues.
  • No more loss or forgetting of badges preventing people from clocking in

Bodet provides two kinds of biometric clocking in Time and Attendance Systems: finger scanner attendance and handscan. If you are interested in using a Biometric Attendance System with your Time and Attendance Software, please contact us to arrange a free demonstration. 

A Biometric System is just one of the many Clocking In Systems that Bodet offers. See our Clocking In Machines and Systems page for our full range of solutions.

Bodet's Biometric Clocking In Terminals Range

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Clocking In Systems are used to provide a real time recording of an impression of a fingerprint pattern.

The user puts his finger on the fingerprint scanner terminal, and a sensor captures the fingerprint. This is then compared against a stored profile, and the information is sent to the Time and Attendance Software immediately.

Key functions of the Kelio Visio Clocking In Fingerprint ReaderKelio Visio X7 Biometric with Fingerprint - Time and Attendance

  • Interrogation of results.
  • Business leave.
  • Overtime on request (OTA).
  • Door opening.
  • Breaks (inside the premises).
  • Flexi-time and overtime.
  • Change of daily schedule.
  • Clocking without badge.
  • Creation of absence files.
  • Clocking an activity or a cost centre.


As well as Biometric Clocking In, Bodet also offers the following Clocking In options: the Kelio Visio X7 TerminalProximity Badges, SmartphoneTouch Screen or Virtual Clocking In.

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