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Smartphone clocking in for your mobile workforce

Time and Attendance Solutions on your web-enabled mobile

With Bodet's Kelio Mobile employees can clock in and out in real time and make absence requests whilst on the move, making it a true Mobile Attendance System. The tool also enables employers to approve absence requests when they are out of the office and view the location where the employee clockings are taking place.

Clocking In Systems

Kelio Mobile for Employees

Kelio Mobile provides a wide range of Mobile Clocking Time and Attendance functionality for employees who are out of the office:

  • Real time report of clockings.
  • Location of clockings.
  • Job costing.
  • View assigned jobs.
  • Real-time balance of hours.
  • Holiday balance.
  • Absence requests.
Clocking by smartphone

Kelio Mobile for Managers

Kelio Mobile is useful for managers who want to:

  • Know where employees clocked in.
  • Be able to clock in on behalf of an employee.
  • View team planning and the balance of hours worked.
  • Confirm or refuse absence requests. 

Kelio Mobile is certified on Android®, BlackBerry® and Apple®. Mobiles must be web enabled to be able to use this Mobile Clocking tool. 

Smartphone Clocking In – just one clocking in method

As well as Smartphone Clocking In, Bodet also offers the following Clocking In options: the Kelio Visio X7 Terminal, Biometric, Proximity Badges, Facial Recognition Clocking In, Virtual Clocking In or Timebox.

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