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HR Assistant


Centralise and monitor your HR data with our HR Assistant software module

Kelio HR assistant offers you

kelio hr assistant
  • Effective and centralised management for all your employee data: career, training, skills, identity documents and emergency contacts.
  • A document link system which allows you to attach all types of documents including employment contracts, invitation letters and appraisals.
  • Powerful reporting tool composed of a set of standard or customised reports.
  • An HR event reminder linked to your email system (Outlook).

HR assistant Time and Attendance Software Module additional key features

  • HR alerts in real time.
  • Advanced screen customisation.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.

HR Assistant is just one of the Kelio Time & Attendance Software Modules available. Other software modules include Absence Management, Employee Self-ServiceStaff Planning, Job Costing, HR Decision Making, Payroll Interface and Access Control. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software is modular, allowing you to purchase just the components you need now, and expand them as the needs of your organisation increase without additional overheads.

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