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Bodet's Kelio Staff Planning System

Staff Planning - Time and Attendance

Improve Employee Scheduling with Kelio HR Software

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Real Time Workforce Planning for your Organisation

The Staff Planning Time and Attendance Software Module allows you to plan activities, jobs or shifts in a graphical and more efficient manner.

It is essential to carry out workforce planning in real time if it is to meet business requirements, work in the most efficient way possible and adhere to employment legislation. Our Staff Planning Application allows you to organise your activities as efficiently as possible and optimise your organisation's Time and Attendance.

Additional key features of the workforce scheduling Time and Attendance Software Module

  • Complete Integration with Kelio Time and Attendance Software.
  • User friendly.
  • Adaptable workforce planning systems for different sectors: Industry, food production, health, etc.

Bodet’s Kelio Staff Planning System is one of several modules for its Time and Attendance Software.

Why choose Kelio Staff Planning?

Kelio Staff Planning is a Time and Attendance Solution aimed at organising the way in which work is implemented in companies.
With its easy to use design and depth of functionality, it provides users with the necessary employee scheduling software tools to improve planning within your workforce management.

Main functions of the Kelio Staff Planning System

Intuitive and Customisable Workspace

A simple interface enables you to manage every situation arising in workforce planning. The Kelio Staff Planning Module is used to schedule Time and Attendance, absences, activities and on-call schedules (in particular for the medical, hospitality and retail sectors). It can also manage holiday planning

Allocating Resources

The “resources” view can be used to allocate schedules, absences and activities for staff. It can be used in real time to check the impact in terms of cumulative time or coverage of requirements. Holiday planning can also be viewed. 

Workforce Planning

This Time and Attendance Solution enables you to create a template of your business requirements by job or activity type.

It does this by allocating your human resources to the business template and then automatically highlights any anomalies and shortfalls.

During the staff planning process, amending schedules, either individually or by team, is a frequent and time-consuming activity. Kelio Staff Planning simplifies and speeds up this task significantly, and instantly summarises your labour requirements and liabilities.

A graphical user interface is used to make such adjustments directly on the Workforce Scheduling screen of the Time and Attendance Software.


Staff Planning Software is just one of the Kelio Time & Attendance Software Modules available. Other software modules include Absence Management, Employee Self-ServiceHR Assistant, Job Costing, HR Decision MakingPayroll Interface and Access Control. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software is modular, allowing you to purchase just the components you need now, and expand them as the needs of your organisation increase without additional overheads.

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